Robotic Tips

Ross Solutions' range of Robotic Pipette Tips provide you with the best OEM manufacturers. Produced with 100% virgin polypropylene in class 100,000 clean room facilities. From Hamilton to Tecan, we have your tip covered. 

Tecan Compatible

1000ul Conductive Dual Hanging Filtered Racked

Tecan Compatible

1000ul natural compatible for Tecan robotic/pipette tips, Racked

Hamilton Compatible

1000ul medical for Hamilton Star, Starlet and Nimbus micro disposable conductive robotic/pipette tips, Dual Hanging Rack 

Hamilton Compatible

1000ul natural compatible for Tecan robotic/ pipette tips, Racked

Lab Disposables

We understand the ever increasing demands place on Laboratories infrastructure. At Ross we scour the globe to bring you the highest quality cost effective disposables.  From Tubes to Columns we ensure consistency of supply so you can focus on throughput.

Spin Columns

PCR Tubes

PCR Strips

PCR Plates